What is Conscious Beauty? The 7 Traits of a Conscious Beauty Brand.

Conscious beauty brands are growing and so are the questions about what makes a brand conscious. And what’s the difference between a traditional beauty brand and a conscious beauty brand? 

Here we’ll educate you on the meaning of conscious beauty, its impact, and how to spot a conscious beauty brand. With this useful information, you’ll be able to decide what kind of beauty brand is ideal for you. 

What is Conscious Beauty? 

A conscious beauty brand is built on values, focusing on more than products and profits. It’s crafted with intention and with a deeper purpose in mind. Its whole creation, from sourcing ingredients to packaging, takes into account its impact. 

Conscious beauty was born to give consumers a more thoughtful option when buying beauty products. It means creating products with your health as a priority— using safe, natural ingredients. But also with the health of the planet and other people in mind, using sustainable and impact-sourced ingredients. 

Conscious beauty creates a positive impact on you, the planet, and other people’s well-being. It’s a gateway for you to be a change-maker through the brands you support with your money. 

The whole supply chain benefits from conscious beauty— not just the ones at the top. 

Does Conscious Beauty Really Have an Impact? 

Yes, and it’s huge. Many traditional brands exploit resources, people, and the planet to create their products. Their ingredients are harmful to your health and the planet’s health. And it leaves entire communities vulnerable to poverty, human trafficking, and climate change effects. 

When you support a conscious beauty brand, you help them grow their impact on our planet. People at the bottom of the supply chain benefit from your support. And it directly impacts their life, health, and wellbeing. 

Conscious beauty brands build their companies on values and use their products to empower others. 

The Anatomy of a Conscious Beauty Brand 

Now that you understand what a conscious beauty brand is, let’s talk about how you can spot them. And how to know if your favorite brand is protecting our planet and the people in it. 

A Conscious Beauty Brand Always…

1. Creates an impact. Conscious beauty goes way beyond making profits. Helping vulnerable people, protecting the planet, and using safe and effective natural ingredients is a must. 
2. Is cruelty-free. This means none of their products or the ingredients used in their products are tested on animals. 
3. Uses vegan ingredients. Conscious beauty doesn’t use animal ingredients in its formulations. And it’s free of pesticides and harmful chemical ingredients.
4. Is transparent. A truly conscious beauty brand has nothing to hide. They know their supply chain and are willing to be transparent on where and how they source their ingredients. 
5. Is inclusive. Conscious beauty brands hire staff from all minority groups— including immigrants. 
6. Don’t use forced labor. They know who their workers are and pay them a living salary. A conscious beauty brand never exploits children or other people to benefit from them. 
7. Is mindful about their packaging and minimizing waste. Part of their values is caring for the planet. This means minimizing waste during the creation of the product and using earth-friendly packaging. 

Is Your Favorite Beauty Brand Conscious? 

Information is key to recognize conscious beauty brands. To know about the practices of your favorite brands, start with their packaging. Look for certifications like B Corp on the label.  

Certifications show the brand is walking the walk and truly having a social and environmental impact. It’s important to note that certifications like B Corp, Certified Organic, etc, are expensive and take time to obtain. Small businesses might not be able to afford them, but medium and large corporations should have them. 

Continue to read the entire label and see if they have any claims or certifications like:

  • Organic (medium and large businesses should be certified)
  • Fair or impact sourced ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Palm-oil free
  • Recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging

Then go on their website and read information about their supply chain, sustainability, and business practices. Conscious beauty brands share their social impact efforts on their sites. 

Can’t find anything? It’s likely that they don’t have any of these practices if you can’t find information about it on their website. If your favorite brands don’t share the same values as you, maybe it’s time for a switch. 

When you support a conscious beauty brand, you become a change-maker with the power of your money. 

What Makes Saathëa a Conscious Beauty Brand? 

Saathëa was born to leave a lasting, positive impact on other people’s lives and on our planet. Our main ingredient, the ButterflyPea Flower is impact-sourced from Cambodia — helping women escape extreme poverty and human trafficking.

Our ingredients are always grown in our shared Prosperity Gardens. This helps us ensure producers are treated right, paid fairly, and that our flowers are harvested sustainably. 

Saathëa is cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and with transparency at the very core of what we do. We strive to empower women to break free from the cycle of poverty that makes them vulnerable to human trafficking. 

When you shop for our products, you help us grow our impact and protect women’s rights. 

Be a change-maker. Shop for our collagen-boosting Butterfly Pea Flower Tea here.


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