What is Ingestible Beauty? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Beauty and wellness continue to collide as awareness grows on the influence of a healthy lifestyle for radiant skin. Skin care products with harmful chemicals and topical-only skincare routines are now a thing of the past. 

New ways to nourish and care for your skin are growing. And ingestible beauty is now considered an essential part of a healthy skincare routine. Let’s cover everything you need to know about ingestible beauty. 

The Meaning of Ingestible Beauty

Ingestible beauty is not a trend. The reason why it’s increasingly popular is that people now understand the importance of a healthy diet for flawless skin. And how consuming the right nutrients boosts your skin’s appearance from within. 

Caring for your health is fundamental to achieve silky-smooth skin. And ingestible beauty is a gateway to nourish your skin on the inside so it shows on the outside. 

Ingestible beauty products are nutrient-dense, skin-boosting herbs or natural supplements that heal your skin from within. They come as powders, supplements, teas, potions, etc. 

A healthy lifestyle paired with an effective skincare routine (topical and ingestible) gives you healthy, glowing skin. If you’re relying on an unhealthy diet and a topical skincare routine, breakouts are set to keep happening. 

Your skin is a mirror— it reflects on the outside what your health is on the inside. Nurture your body with healthy foods, water, and exercise, and you’ll be glowing. 

How Does Ingestible Beauty Work? This is What Science Says. 

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and the frontline defense against all the environmental factors we’re constantly exposed to. Some of them are UV rays, pollution, smoke, and harmful chemicals in our food, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies— and they take a toll on your skin. 

When your skin is exposed to these pollutants, it produces free radicals. Our body produces free radicals naturally too and it’s armed to get rid of them. But the constant exposure to pollution creates more free radicals than your body can handle. Especially if you’re not eating enough antioxidants. 

This is where the problem begins. A free radical overload without enough antioxidants causes oxidative stress. This contributes to premature aging, damages your DNA, and leads to other diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. But how can you prevent this? This is where ingestibles come in. 

The best way to address premature aging is to fight oxidative stress— and to fight oxidative stress you need foods with powerful antioxidants. Ingestible beauty products, like Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, are the perfect way to give your body the boost of antioxidants it needs. 

Does Ingestible Beauty Actually Influence Your Skin on The Outside? 

Your skin is a reflection of your eating habits. But even with the healthiest diet, you could be missing key nutrients. Studies prove the efficiency of consuming more antioxidants to support healthy-looking skin. Plus, an antioxidant-rich diet protects you against sun damage and other environmental factors.

When choosing ingestible beauty products, focus on clean foods and herbs with lots of antioxidant properties. It’s proven that getting your antioxidants from foods works way better than supplements since healthy foods come with other important nutrients too. This makes Butterfly Pea Flower Tea ideal for getting your daily dose of antioxidants! 

Can I Slow Down Aging With a Holistic, Healthy Lifestyle?

Yes! And the place to start is with a healthy diet loaded with powerful antioxidant foods. Using cosmetics and cleaning supplies free of harmful chemical ingredients is a must too. 

There are not enough serums or creams to make up for the lack of antioxidants in your diet. But the right ingestible beauty products tackle this issue from the root. They give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive— like plenty of antioxidants. 

To heal on the outside and achieve glowing skin, you must heal on the inside first. And consuming a good dose of antioxidants is as necessary, if not more, than using them on the outside. 

Ingestible beauty products, like Butterfly Pea Flower, boost collagen production, protect you from sun damage and soothe your skin. For youthful, plump skin, use it daily and pair it with a healthy diet and exercise.

Choosing The Best Ingestible Beauty Products

Choosing the right ingestible beauty product for you is key to achieving flawless skin. Always start with the basics like reading labels and ingredients. This tells you a lot about what you’re about to consume. 

The first thing to look for is natural, non-toxic products. Avoid sweetened, processed products with harmful chemical ingredients. Antioxidants have a greater impact on your health when they come from natural food sources, like herbs, fruits, and vegetables, instead of supplements. 

Ingestible beauty is meant to complement your diet and skincare routine— so make sure you enjoy it! Choose high-quality products you’ll take joy in using daily and make them part of your routine. 

Boost Your Skin Health With Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Ready to add ingestible beauty products to your routine? Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is the place to start! Because of its powerful antioxidants, this soothing herbal tea is scientifically proven to nourish and heal your skin from within. 

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