Our Principles

SAATHËA, pronounced Sart-tey-ah, is committed to three brand principles:

1. Offer nature’s best ingredients that provide gentle yet effective solutions
2. Superiorly safe, non-toxic ingredients that deliver results 
3. Going beyond charity to provide long-term economic opportunities for marginalized women

We believe that freedom should be a human right. In today’s world, over a staggering forty million people in the world are victims of modern-day slavery, including human trafficking.  Twenty-five million of these victims reside in Asia, and over 300,000 are in Cambodia, where poverty is sadly the root cause of the problem.  

Every purchase of Saathëa is an opportunity. It is an opportunity for you to care for your well-being, the planet, and women in Cambodia, who disproportionately represent 71% of victims of modern-day slavery.

Using the delicate yet powerful Cambodian Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, our Saathëa tea, rich in antioxidants and natural nootropic compounds, instantly lifts and gives clarity. Youth-boosting elixirs help improve skin luminosity, elasticity and boost collagen production, keeping your skin looking plump, youthful, and healthy – all the while reminding women everywhere of their divine nature as we make positive impacts on those that sadly, easily fall prey to traffickers due to poverty and lack of economic opportunities.