Meet SANA Guest #5: Jennifer & Stephanie Chon from Balian Springs

Tell us who you are and what you do. 

Jennifer: I am the Director of Wellness at Balian Springs. I am responsible in curating our wellness programming at Balian Springs from workshops, events, activations, and initiatives with introducing different wellness products and brands into our spa and food/beverage program. 

Stephanie: My name is Stephanie Chon and I am the Chief Operating Officer of C. Castle Hospitality Group and the President of Balian Springs Social Club for Wellness.   

What inspired you to start your journey in helping others on their wellness journey? 

Jennifer: I struggled greatly growing up from issues like anxiety, stress, and inadequacy which led me to having issues like an eating disorder and withdrawal from my family, friends, and peers. I think at my lowest point, I was so desperate to make myself feel better that I was willing to try anything or everything. Being in NYC, a wellness hub, I had access to trying all different modalities from counseling, spiritual coaches, to energy healing, meditation, and more. Some modalities worked better than others on my healing journey but overall, I’ve made great strides. I changed careers so I can share the knowledge and tools that have helped me with as many people as possible.

Stephanie: When the pandemic hit, I was the Chief Operating Officer of a hospitality development and management group, which includes 11 separate companies from hotels and spas, to construction, architectural, real estate and engineering arms. I found myself struggling with anxiety and depression yet suffering in silence as I thought that being a leader meant never showing signs of weakness. I would listen to my staff talk about their own mental health challenges and each would chime in with their most recently discovered outlet, which were very unique to each person.  I found myself trying each method out to find solace myself and realized at that moment that #1 – support from those around us can be instrumental in our journey to mental wellness, and #2 – there was a need in the market for accessibility to all different types of wellness therapies. The idea to build a community/sanctuary for wellness exploration free of judgement came to me – a one stop destination for wellbeing no matter where you are in your own personal journey towards health; A safe space to figure out how to feel good, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even socially. Balian Springs came from a personal need to find wellness and to offer a place for anyone seeking sanctuary to be able to get some solace. 

What are the top 3 wellness hacks you can’t live without? 


A. Movement- I feel so sluggish physically or mentally if I don’t get even a brief walk or jog in.  Preferably, I would want a full hour daily to hop in on a pilates or barre class but on days I can’t, I’ll walk around the neighborhood for 15-20 minutes.

B. Face care routine- It’s part of my morning and evening ritual.  As I get older, I appreciate good skin and a more natural look when I put on make-up. Two ingredients that have changed my skin drastically over the years are vitamin cand tretinoin.  And I’ve started using the nuface trinity micro-current device a few times a week which has sculpted my face quite a bit.

C. Supplements - Multivitamins, collagen, biotin, pre/probiotics and NMN are part of my regimen.  All these ingredients have anti-aging properties so I take these to stay as youthful for longer without any surgical interventions!



1. Face oil everyday. I can’t live without it any more! Goes great under make up and keeps me feeling hydrated. But don’t forget sunblock. 

2. Eucalyptus Aroma Oil Shower Mist. Spritz during your shower and turn your bathroom into a spa! Helps not only wake me up, but puts me in a good mood.

3. Probiotics daily. It changes everything from inside and out!   

What inspires you? 

Jennifer: Any person who has passion, dedication, and perseverance to evolve and reach a new goal is inspiring, admirable, and is who pushes me to do better as well. One of those people has been my father. He immigrated to a new country with nothing to his name and any understanding of the language; yet he managed to build a name for himself.

Stephanie: A strong mindset inspires me. Surrounding myself with individuals who don’t see limitations and only opportunities. Challenges are embraced and solutions & growth are always the goal. That type of thinking creates an energy that inspires me to keep growing too! 

What’s your favorite mocktail recipe for mental clarity or one to wind down?

Jennifer: I sometimes find it a little difficult to wind down from the workday so I love sipping on the Three Spirits Nightcap on those evenings. It has a similar woodsy and decadent taste you would find in a Cabernet or a whiskey that I enjoy without the hangover that comes with those alcoholic beverages.

What’s your go to herbal drink? 

Jennifer: Growing up as a Korean, I’ve been introduced to ginseng from a young age.  Once you get over the taste of it, you will want to keep it as part of our regimen. Ginseng gives you a nice energy boost, is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and give you great immunity boost!

Stephanie: I drink lots of matcha and when I really want to restart my immune system and overall wellbeing, I drink Korean Hanyak or Herbal Medicine. Once you get used to the taste, you start to feel more energized and richer in life.  Some herbs it include are mushrooms and fungi, herbs like pinelliae, roots of plants such as ginseng, flowers and shrubs such as ephedra and chrysanthemum. 

How can people find you? 

Jennifer & Stephanie: Instagram @theweekendwell - or, just come by Balian Springs

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