SANA Wellness Guest #3: Meet Life Coach Olivia Bowen from Sacred Nature Coaching

Tell us who you are and what you do.

As an ICF-certified life coach, I work with the people who have read all the self-help books, listened to the podcasts, and filled journals — and still aren’t living the life their soul craves. I help them tune into what their soul wants, clear the roadblocks, and build the life that makes them feel alive. And I do that using a hyper-customized mix of nature, neuroscience, and magic that helps them tune into and trust their intuition. I work with clients 1x1 (both in person and via Zoom), and I also teach classes on everything from decoding dreams to how to work with magic.

What inspired you to start your journey in helping others on their wellness journey?

Like so many people, the pandemic broke me. I was working a really intense job leading internal communications for a multibillion dollar cutting edge public health organization, with a preschooler and a baby at home. By the winter of 2020, I was literally crying on the floor of my basement office. “I don’t know what I’m meant to do, but I know it’s not this.” I set my one goal for 2021: to find my soul’s work and pursue it. Six weeks later, I found my coaching program and got a full body “zing!” of recognition – this was it. The more I learned and practiced, the more confident I was that I had found my calling.

What are the top 3 wellness hacks you can’t live without?

 It all comes back to a good night’s sleep for me, so these all support that goal.

  • Reading by red-light headlamp before bed (sexy, I know)
  • Daily meditation practice
  • Limiting my caffeine to one cup of tea in the morning, and then shifting to other drinks – like a butterfly pea flower tea

What inspires you?

Nature. My business is called Sacred Nature Coaching because Nature is an endless, loving teacher. My children, Magnolia and Juniper, are even named for plants.

What’s your favorite mocktail recipe for mental clarity or one to wind down? 

I love mixing up magical non-alcoholic elixirs, and will offer elixir bars at parties and events. I’ll put out club soda, juices, and other mixers, as well as berries, herbs, and spices, and invite people to mix their own. I include notecards explaining the magical correspondences so guests can mix up a custom blend depending on what they’re cultivating.

I like drinks with some bite, so one of my favorites is ginger beer with a splash of pomegranate juice garnished with a sprig of rosemary and a few blueberries. Ginger brings courage and luck, pomegranate is a symbol of wisdom, rosemary is connected to the sun and moon, and blueberries are wonderful for healing and optimism.

 How can people find you?

Sacred Nature Coaching

Instagram: @OliviaBowenCoach

The Curious Nature Podcast, where wild meets wonder.

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